Monday, 12 May 2014

Rajesh Hamal getting Married in first week of Jestha

Rajesh Hamal has finally come up with a date to tie knot with his long time Girlfriend Madhu Bhattarai. Rajesh Hamal recently revealed his date of Marriage in a interview with Kantipur News.
You can view more images of his girlfriend here.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Rajesh Hamal and Manisha Koirala at Tapoban

Here's a video of Rajesh Hamal and Manisha Koirala visiting Tapoban together. released nine Osho books published by Osho Tapoban under "Osho Books below the Cost Price" project. Watch the video of both of them speaking below.

Speaking during the program, Manisha Koirala quipped, "I've always been inspired by Osho's vision." Koirala, who recently attended Vipassana Course also expressed her desire to come to Tapoban for longer stay and practice Osho meditation.

Rajesh Hamal in popular Dulahi Movie Song

Rajesh Hamal featured in popular Dulahi - Nepali Movie Song along with actress Sumina Ghimire. Watch the video below for song Sano Chhada Suneko Thiye ** एकादेश कथा ** from the movie.


Nepali Movie: Dulahi (दुलही)
Song: Sano Chhada Suneko Thiye ( एकादेश कथा )
Playback Singer: Udit Narayan Jha

Monday, 13 August 2012

Rajesh Hamal seen in Daura Surwal

Here's an image tumblog. Rajesh Hamal is seen in Daura Surwal in one of the recent movie shootings. Seen along with him in the image are Pradeep Kaspal (director) and Anil Shah (Bank CEO).

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Marriage rumours of Rajesh Hamal TV report

A TV report regarding Rajesh Hamal Rumours of Marriage. A mental patient has lodged a complaint three days ago claiming that he had married her 16 years ago and fathered her three children.

Rajesh Hamal taken to police by mental patient

Superstar Rajesh Hamal had to appear at Metropolitan Police Range Kathmandu at Hanumandhoka Wednesday because a mental patient lodged a complaint three days ago claiming that he had married her 16 years ago and fathered her three children.

Rajesh Hamal before Police at Hanuman Dhoka

Hamal, who was refusing to comment on the issue, had to appear at Hanumandhoka and clear his name after the woman, Balkumari, who is a police head constable, turned up at his residence at Kapurdhara Tuesday and created a ruckus.

"I was planning to lodge a counter-complaint against her for disturbing peace and security and hindering my personal life. But I have forgiven her upon learning that she is a mental case," Hamal said, emerging after an hour-long discussion with Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Arun Kumar BC.

Hamal also wished for the complainant´s recovery. "I had to come here today to stop such harassment news stories as others may follow suit in future," he explained. Balkumari and her brother Dhakaram were also involved in the discussion with police.

Balkumari Adhikari claiming to be Rajesh Hamal Wife

Dhakaram showed evidence of his sister being a mental patient including her prescription, and apologized to Hamal.

"She was on duty at Chanauli Police Post in Chitwan and the next thing we heard, she did all this here," Dhakaram, who arrived in the capital Tuesday after reading the news, said.

News via Republica.